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Posted by Jacob Steinberg

83 min: Can Tottenham go on and win this now? Knowing how big games between these two tend to pan out, I’m waiting for Chelsea’s last-minute penalty.

It hasn’t been coming, but Tottenham are level. Bakayoko concedes a free-kick rather needlessly on the left, leaning on Alli, and Tottenham finally make a set-piece count. They have Michy Batshuayi to thank, though. His body shape’s all wrong as he meets Eriksen’s delivery at the near post and there’s nothing that Courtois can do to stop the substitute’s header flying past him!

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Posted by Rowena Mason Deputy political editor

Some universities have just 13% of students on the electoral roll compared with 76% registered at Sheffield

Labour is writing to all university vice-chancellors and college principals urging them to help students sign up to vote when they enrol in higher education this September.

Cat Smith, the shadow voter engagement minister, and Gordon Marsden, the shadow higher education minister, urged the higher education bosses to act after a programme at Sheffield University saw a huge jump in students joining the electoral register.

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Posted by Matt Blake

Thinktank report angers families by saying British volunteers with Kurdish forces should be treated as potential terrorists

The families of two British men killed fighting Islamic State in Syria have condemned a report urging the government to treat those who join Kurdish forces in the region as potential terrorists, insisting their sons should be remembered as heroes.

The report by the Henry Jackson Society suggests that British volunteers who travel to Syria to join the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) could pose a “domestic security risk” upon their return to Britain.

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Posted by Associated Press

Assad praises Russia, Iran, China and Hezbollah for supporting government as shell kills several at international fair

The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has railed against the west, saying any security cooperation with western nations or the reopening of their embassies would not happen until they cut ties with opposition and insurgent groups.

Shortly after Assad gave his speech, a shell hit the first international fair in the country since the war began six years ago, killing and wounding several people.

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Posted by Jacob Steinberg

52 min: Moses scampers down the right and cuts the ball back. Morata’s low shot is blocked. Chelsea don’t let Tottenham out, though, and Kante wins a corner.

51 min: There have been some heavy tackles in this game and now Vertonghen hacks down Moses. That’s a reckless shocker of a challenge and he’s fortunate to escape with a booking.

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Posted by Guardian Staff

Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s signoff might not sound like high praise, but consider the alternatives of ‘Keep trying’, ‘Boring’ and ‘See me’

Name: Awok.

Age: About 30.

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Posted by Alexandra Topping

Family of boy with dual British-Australian nationality confirms he died in attack at Las Ramblas on Thursday

The missing seven-year-old British-Australian boy Julian Cadman was among the 13 people killed in the Barcelona terror attack, his family has confirmed.

The Spanish missing persons bureau said his family had confirmed that the boy died after a van crashed into pedestrians on Las Ramblas on Thursday.

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Posted by Ian Gittins

Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

There’s no downsizing in this pulverising set of audience-chosen tracks performed in an intimate space as they would be at Wembley Stadium

For a band whose live shows have previously featured military-level lasers, pyrotechnic infernos and dancing acrobats suspended beneath hovering spaceships, tonight marks quite a change of gears. Muse have many undoubted virtues, but playing low-key, intimate, small theatre gigs tends not to be among them.

Normally packing out stadiums, the veteran power-rock trio are playing this one-off charity show to raise money for The Passage, a London-based homelessness charity. In a further unorthodox quirk, the audience, which skews heavily towards diehard fan club members, has been allowed to choose the set list via a pre-gig online vote.

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